5 Top Snow Resorts in Australia

A quiet line at Thredbo.

Looking for the best snow resorts in Australia?

Whether you live in Australia or you are here visiting. Australia has some amazing underrated snow resorts and terrain to checkout.

The snow resorts in Australia are really broken up into two areas.

The NSW Snowy Mountains situated in Kosciuszko National Park.

And the Victorian Alpine situated in Alpine National Park.

Pending which way you are travelling from; will in some cases dictate the snow resorts you visit.

If you are coming from the Canberra or Sydney region; day trips or weekends to the NSW Snowy Mountain region will be your best bet.

However if you are coming up from Melbourne. The Victorian Alpine for a day trip or weekend would be a safe choice.

The top 5 snow resorts in Australia include:

  • Thredbo

  • Perisher

  • Hotham

  • Falls Creek

  • Mt Buller


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At just 2.5 hours from Canberra and 5.5 hours from Sydney. Thredbo has long since been a favourite in the NSW Snowy Mountains.

If you are from Canberra it is the perfect distance for a day trip. I have been doing it for twenty years.

However if you are coming from Sydney. I would highly recommend you stay the night or the weekend.

Getting there is easy.

Once past Jindabyne, take the turn onto Apline Way and follow all the way until you see the large Thredbo sign where you will turn onto Friday Drive.

Thredbo is an amazing place.  With 14 lifts and over 50 runs. There is a lot to checkout.

And if you can, staying in Thredbo is definitely worth it.

Just starting out? Checkout Fridays Flats.

Been riding for a while? Make your way over to High Noon and the Supertrail area for some longer faster runs.

And if you get a pow day… Just go and explore.

For more information including trail maps, accommodation and more checkout there website for details.



Like Thredbo, Perisher is just 2.5 hours from Canberra and 5.5 hours from Sydney. 

A couple options in getting to the resort, once you pass Jindabyne.

You can take the Skitube. Which is off Alpine Way and is a really easy way to get to Perisher and Blue Cow.

Or you can continue to drive along Kosciuszko Road until you reach the Perisher car park.

Just make sure if you are going to drive to Perisher. YOU GET THERE EARLY.

Perisher is in fact Australia’s largest snow resort.

And is split into 4 areas. Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Guthega and Blue Cow.

If you really want to see everything at Perisher. You will need more than a day. And there are loads of accommodation options across the resort.

Perisher includes 47 lifts and over 110 trails across the 4 areas. 

And all areas have terrain suited for all skill levels.

If you get a blue bird day; Mount Perisher and Blue Cow will be incredible.

However if you get a fresh powder day. Checkout Devils Playground and Guthega.

And if you are looking for something fast. Xcellerater at the back of Blue Cow will do the trick.

For more informations checkout the Perisher website for details.



From Melbourne, its a 4.5 hour trip. Which really makes it too far for a day trip, but perfect for a weekender.

From the Hume Highway, take the turn onto Snow Road until you get to Great Alpine Road.

Follow the Great Alpine Road all the way to Hotham.

Hotham has 13 lifts and over 70 runs. 

And with that comes a variety of terrain for all skill levels.

Note, some of the best advanced resort terrain in Australia is in located in Hotham.

However, don’t let that stop you if you are just starting out.

Just stick to the green and blue runs until you feel ready to tackle something more challenging.

For more information checkout the Hotham website.


Falls Creek

Just like Hotham, Falls Creek is a 4.5 hour trip from Melbourne. Which like I said before, makes it just a bit too far for a day trip.

To get there from the Hume Highway, take the Snow Road all the way until you jump onto the Great Alpine Road.

And from the Great Alpine Road, take the turn onto Happy Valley Road. Happy Valley Road will lead to Running Creek Road. Then take a right turn onto Keiwa Valley Highway. 

Finally travel through Mt Beauty (maybe stop for a break and grab a coffee). Then follow Bogong High Plains Road all the way to the Falls Creek.

Falls Creek includes 14 lifts and over 90 runs.

And like the other resorts. There is terrain for all skill levels and abilities.

For more information checkout the Falls Creek website.


Mount Buller

Unlike Hotham and Falls Creek, Mt Buller is situated closer to Melbourne. And even though it’s only 3.5 hours I would still recommend an overnight stay at the least.

I generally like to say anywhere over 2.5 to 3 hours is an overnighter.

Pending which way you are coming from Melbourne, you will either jump off the Hume or the Melba Highway onto Goulburn Valley Highway.

Follow the Goulburn Valley Highway onto Maroondah Highway.

Continue along Maroondah Highway until you reach Mansfield. Take the turn down Chenery Street until you reach Malcom Street and in which you will finally get onto Mt Buller Road.

Follow the road all the way to the Village.

Mount Buller is broken up into 2 areas; Southern Slopes and the Northern Slopes. And includes 22 lifts and over 80 runs.

Like the other resorts there are runs and areas for all ability levels. Make sure to pick up a trail map before heading out.

For more information on Mt Buller checkout their website for details.


To wrap up…

Australia has some great snow resorts. Overall they are great for everyone no matter what your skill level or ability is.

At all resorts there are loads of food and accommodation options. Generally the sooner you book the better, as during peak season you will find accommodation options become quite scarce.

Lastly a great idea if you are just starting out, is to sign up for a lesson or two when you arrive. It’s well worth the cost to get the basics right.

Feel free to comment below and let me know which resort is your favourite.