6 Top Mountain Biking Locations Canberra, ACT, Australia

In amongst the long grass at Tuggeranong Pines.

Do you love to Mountain Bike?

Have you been wanting to ride some of the trails around Canberra and the ACT?

Here are 6 of the top mountain biking locations in Canberra and the ACT.

I’ve also included a few suggestions for places to get something to eat and a drink after.

Mount Stromlo - Stromlo Forest Park

Mount Stromlo has long been home to mountain biking, however back in 2003 the trails were destroyed by the devastating bushfires that roared through the ACT. 

By 2007 the trails had been rebuilt and Stromlo Forrest Park was born. Stromlo Forest Park has become one of the best mountain biking locations in Canberra and considered one of the best in Australia. 

There are over 50km’s of built trails located across the mountain. From cross country to downhill and from beginner to advanced; there are trails for all.

One of the most popular loops is up Cockatoo Switchbacks over to ABC Switchbacks through to City View up to the top. From the top, down Western Wedge tail on to Skyline and through to Luge; finishing on Old Duffy to the trail head.

It’s one of the best loops, however it’s also one of the busiest. Make sure to checkout the maps at the trail head for other great trails.

When you're finished, head down to the Handlebar. Whether you're after a coffee or a cold beer. Handlebar will have you covered.

Checkout the website for bookings, events and more information- http://stromloforestpark.com.au

Majura Pines

Majura Pines are some of the oldest mountain biking trails in Canberra.

Over 20km of networked trails are situated along the side of Mount Majura. Some overlooking one of Canberra’s best Wineries, Mount Majura Vineyard.

These trails are maintained by a local volunteers group; The Majura Pines Trail Alliance.

There is a lot of history at this spot. And there are trails for all styles and levels. From beginners to experts.

If you are looking for a nice flow trail checkout the trail on Winery Hill. Or on the other side of the park; checkout Larry and Barry.

Be sure to checkout the latest maps at the trailhead. Or checkout them our here on their website.

When you have finished your ride, be sure to grab a beer and a burger down at Capital Brewing and Brodburger on Dairy Road. It’s about a 5 minute drive south of the trails. 

Bruce Ridge

Bruce Ridge is located within a 94 hectare nature reserve.

For a long time trails have existed here. However for majority of their life, they were unauthorised and illegal.

After years of consultation between the local volunteers group; Friends of Bruce Ridge and also the ACT government. In 2015 the Bruce Ridge trails were officially opened.

Predominantly cross country single track line this nature reserve. However there are some trails with some nice tight berms and switchbacks.

This is a great location for those starting out and for those looking to build their fitness on the mountain.

There are over 100 sign posts and several trail maps located across the reserve. With the main trail head located on the side of the reserve next to the Gungahlin Drive.


When you have finished your ride, a great place to rest and refuel is the the Duxton pub in O’Connor or the Old Canberra Inn in Lyneham.

East Kowen Forrest and Sparrow Hill

For years Sparrow Hill and East Kowen Forrest have been home to some of the best single track that the ACT has to offer.

Funnily enough, you have to drive through Queanbeyan and NSW to get to these trails which technically are still part of the ACT.

These trails are located within the Kowen Forrest Pine Plantations. Recently there has been Pine logging in East Kowen. So make sure to pay close attention to any signs at the Car Park.

Sparrow hill has predominantly cross cross country single track with small loops for beginners, ranging up to 50km loops for those looking to push it a little harder.

East Kowen is also laden with cross country trails, however some of the trails have some steeper climbs and faster descents than its neighbour across the road. Originally home to the Mont 24hr Mountain Biking Race.

Getting there, head out of Canberra along the Kings Highway until you see the sign for Kowen Forrest. 

Head along the road until you come to an old gravel / dirt car park on the side. You will see the sign for Sparrow Hill on the right side of the road. 


For East Kowen follow the old main road up 50m and you will find the entrance on Orchard Road.


When you’re finished head over to the Royal in Queanbeyan for a great pub feed and a cold beer.

Tuggeranong Pines

Hitting the berms at Tuggeranong pines.
Rock gardens at Tuggeranong Pines

Tuggeranong Pines mountain bike trails are tucked away down the very south of Canberra, just off the Monaro Highway, next to the paintball fields.

The Pines have an abundance of trails more suited to enduro and downhill riders and are a great place to enhance your skills and have some serious fun.

This place is great to get some cool footage of friends, and the rock garden along the downhill track is probably the gnarliest I have seen in Canberra.

This spot definitely isn’t for your beginners and I would suggest all riders check out their line before heading back down, to ensure all trails and jumps are clear.

Access to the top of the trails is via the fire roads, and parking is just off the Monaro Highway. Same entry for the paintball fields.


Issacs Ridge

For as long as I can remember there have been mountain biking trails at Issac’s Ridge.

Situated in an old pine plantation; lies a couple of sign posted downhill trails.

These trails are technical and only for those with experience riding enduro and downhill.

Parking is just off the side of Long Gully Road; where a fire trail leads into the trails.


If you’re looking for a good coffee or breakfast; checkout Fox and Bow in Farrer. A 5 minute drive from the car park.

To sum things up…

As you can read, for a long time now Canberra has had a vast array of options for mountain biking. Whether you are a local or coming in for the weekend; there are loads of trails to be ridden and places to explore. 

Just make sure you respect the trails and look after yourself out there.