What to pack for a day Snowboarding in the Australian Backcountry

Splitboarding up the Ridgeline towards Club Lake.

A friend of mine recently asked myself and some friends of ours to come out into the Australian backcountry for the day.

Straight away I was pumped. I had spent some time in the backcountry in other parts of the world but I had never been out past the resorts here in Australia and was keen to see some new sites.

First thing that was asked is what do we need to take, what should we carry?

Mind you I'm only talking a day trip. Not overnight. And based on spending 7 or 8 hours out in the mountains.

After a few emails back and forth here's the list that my friend put together.

Bare in mind my friend has a lot of experience in the backcountry and has a good knowledge of the terrain and landscape, however I feel this list would be a great starting point for most day trip scenarios.

I'll break it down into categories.

Clothing (Starting from the bottom layer)

  1. Thermals bottom and top

  2. Shirt (not cotton) Something nylon or synthetic

  3. Fleece mid layer

  4. Down Jacket (Those ones that you pack down into a small travel bag are ideal)

  5. Outer shell Jacket

  6. Outer shell Pants

  7. Gloves

  8. Neck warmer/Balaclava

  9. Socks (Not Cotton, but either merino wool or specific snow socks)

  10. Underwear

  11. Helmet

Taking a break while picking a path up the ridge towards Club Lake and Carruthers Peak.

Snow Gear

  1. Board

  2. Bindings

  3. Boots

  4. Snowshoes

  5. 20-30L Pack (Again it's only the day)

  6. Poles (Something I forgot but wish I hadn't)


  1. Splitboard

  2. Splitboard bindings

  3. Boots

  4. Split board skins (Don’t forget these or you won't be going anywhere)

  5. 20-30L pack

  6. Poles

For more extreme adventures you would also consider the following:

  1. Boot crampons

  2. Ice axe

  3. Splitboard crampons


  1. Hat

  2. Sunglasses

  3. Sunblock

  4. Map – Printed (Not just on your phone)

  5. Compass

  6. Lighter

  7. Mirror

  8. Plastic Bags

  9. Toilet Paper

  10. Hand Sanitizer

  11. Food – For seven hours out there I made 4 sandwiches, high calorie. 2 Peanut butter and jam and 2 with cheese and butter. Also took a packet of snakes and a packet of chocolate, and 2 bananas. Mind you I didn’t end up going through it all. But being the first time out I thought it was better to be safe than sorry.

  12. Water – I packed 3 liters. Camelbak bladders are by far the easiest to carry.

Crossing the Snowy River. Make sure you tie your equipment down well.

Emergency Equipment

  1. Snow Shovel

  2. Probes

  3. Avalanche Transceiver/Beacon - Everyone needs to have one not just one or two of you, and always do a test run with everyone before you head out.

  4. Emergency GPS Beacon – Everyone also needs to have one of these.

  5. Emergency Bivvy or Thermal Tarp

  6. Basic first aid kit

  7. Whistle

  8. Headtorch

  9. UHF Radios

Equipment Failure

  1. Multitool or the like... eg Leatherman with a Screwdriver

  2. Binding Spares. Eg. Bolts, nuts, plastic strap

  3. Duct tape

  4. Cable ties

That’s pretty much it. That’s what we had for the day. It was amazing out there. We hit the Southern Ramshead in Kosciuszko National Park.

Also before you head out make sure to check out all the latest local weather forecasts and avalanche reports.

Play it safe!

Anything you think we have missed feel free to hit us up and let me know in the comments section below.